Contract work

Flowers can make a big difference to your environment and how customers perceive your business - they add a sense of value and interest in a way that nothing else can.

I  offer a professional floral design and floristry service which begins with understanding the look you want to portray as well as the environment and practical needs of the business.  This includes advising on different arrangement styles, types of containers and how to care for your flowers. I can also offer vase sourcing or hire as well as delivery.

Flowers at home can brighten any living space and bring every day enjoyment. You might also be looking to add a special touch to your party or event. 

Whether it's at home or at work you may be interested in a one off order or a more regular service. This doesn't have to break the bank; you might be surprised how favourably it compares to buying ready made bouquets to use. 

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