wedding Portfolio

Hazel and Drew's wedding

Wedding feel: A country wedding with lots of personal touches

Where was it: The Pewsey Vale

The flowers: Hazel was sure of the colours and size she wanted for her bouquet and was introduced to peonies as well as Memory Lane roses, hypericum, limonium and lychnis to add the right colours, shapes and textures to create a beautiful bouquet with impact! Drew's family have Scottish roots and the couple wanted to reflect this with eryngiums in Hazel's bouquet as well as Drew's buttonhole. 

The wedding was a real family affair and the brides' sisters helped to design their own unique floral crowns. These stood the test of the day including some vigorous ceilidh dancing!

Seasonal flowers and foliage were used in simple jars and containers to bring a touch of the flower garden to the tables and party venue. Many of these miniature 'hand-ties' made there way home with friends and family as end of celebration presents.

Heather and Todd's wedding

Wedding feel: A relaxed wedding with a festival vibe!

Where was it: Heather and Todd tied the knot in Salisbury Registry Office and then partied in a village hall in the beautiful village of Dinton.

The flowers: Heather's favourite flower was alway going to be the key feature! We teamed up the boldness of the sunflowers with some equally bold but contrasting blues with the agapanthus and eryngium blue dynamite but added plenty of texture and detail with tanacetum, grevillea ivanhoe, rosemary, craspedia and aster. The bride and bridesmaids carried hand tied posies with plenty of wow factor while the buttonholes, bouttonnieres and corsages all reflected these with slightly different choices for each wearer. The mother of the bride -a talented garden designer - wore a corsage with all the material gathered from the garden to create a highly textured and personalised piece.

In the village hall the bride and groom had asked for table decorations that would allow guests to move about easily (they would be visiting the wood fired pizza oven and the ice cream stand!) but continue the sunflower - festival vibe. I suggested low glass dishes with bio degradable foam and sand to support the stems of a deeply textured but striking arrangement for each table. The bride and groom were able to use these as gifts after the celebration as they were easily transported and long lasting.