Following a career in teaching I love being able to combine my floristry training and experience to offer learning-rich school based workshops which focus on hands on experiences using plants and flowers. Workshops typically last half a day (2.5 hours) for a class of up to 30 and are planned to meet specific objectives set by the class teacher but with a strong element of cross curricula learning.

The possibilities for meeting a variety of learning intentions specific to your class are rich and varied . I believe that learning is strongest when we engage with a range of senses as well as our emotions; hands on experiences with natural materials are key to this. It really is about flower powered learning!

I offer:

·         Bespoke planning aimed at meeting your learning objectives through consultation with the class teacher

·         Planning and observation formats for use during the workshop by school staff in order to strengthen learning outcomes

·         Hands on experiences that will engage learners and offer rich cross curricula opportunities

·         A professional and personalised service based on over twenty years experience of teaching and leading in schools

·         Bespoke risk assessment

Pricing and Resourcing

·         Typically a half day workshop is charged at £140 with flowers, foliage and plants charged in addition per child at wholesale rates

·         Travel to and from the workshop is charged at 45p a mile from my home address

·         Usual school resources (scissors, paper etc) are provided by the school

·         School staff join the workshop and remain responsible for children’s welfare

Year One at Saint John the baptist catholic school in Andover

The class teacher at St John the Baptist School in Andover was keen to link the science curriculum, focussing on learning the names of a variety of plants and flowers, with the art of floral design. When I began to plan the morning's workshop it was obvious that the learning would also offer strong opportunities for language and maths as well as personal and social education. We developed our sense of observation and language as we looked carefully at each flower type in circle type activities and then went on to label the stems, both on the table tops and then in our books and finally we learned about proportions when arranging in our jam jar. The Year One class responded enthusiastically to the chance to handle and use the flowers we provided and went home very proudly with their unique Mothering Sunday gift. A learning and success - packed morning's work!

Key stage One and Key stage two Bishopstone Primary school near swindon

Bishopstone Primary is a small school with mixed age range classes and it was lovely working with both the whole of Key stage one in the morning and then some of Key stage two in the afternoon (we were the non-football crowd (🌸😊). We spent some time carefully describing what we could see when we looked carefully at the different flowers and then practised learning the names (and practised writing them!). It was time for maths as well as art and design when it came to thinking about how to measure, cut and arrange our stems into the jam jar arrangements. The end results were beautiful and hopefully much enjoyed at home!